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A perfect paper cup machine for making quality paper cups and paper plates to save the environment and save the future for the next generation.
A problem free paper cup making machine with high technological standards and easy maintenance. Feature to easily change the moulds, multi function error reporting system to find the production errors and a system to count the manufactured cups are a few advanced features of this machine.


Our paper cup machine is made of a rugged frame structure that weighs more than 2 tonne and resulting in less vibration and noise providing an excellent operating environment. All parts are indigenous indexing gear boxes that gives accurate positioning and timing, producing consistent quality even after three years of operation. The machines life could well exceed 10 years under proper maintenance.
Motor: Sourced from top branded Indian vendors with 5 star rating
Wearing parts : All sliding and moving parts are heat treated and hardened which adds long life to the machine and quality in production with less cup rejections.
As our paper cup making machine comprises the best of Indian components from Siemens, ABB, Rolon, LGB & TVS, the availability of spares is never an issue. With our wide service network across the country and with experienced engineers, the machines downtime is effectively reduced proving high value on investment and success to our clients business.
Surpassing the quality standards of similar imported machines, we have established ourselves as a leading automatic paper cup machine manufacturer in India. Due to complete localization & indigenisation of our machines, our customers enjoy assured after sales service support, low maintenance costs and uninterrupted production.

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